mortgage broker

  1. Richard Feynman

    Thanks Rolf Latham (ASAP Financial Services).

    I would like to extend, publicly, my many thanks to Rolf Latham and Sarah Arnold of ASAP Financial Services. Service was consistently fantastic. Rolf is both a fine person and excellent mortgage broker. Sarah was great too. As a result, I'm settling in a couple of weeks on my first IP...
  2. A

    Mortgage Broker in Melbourne

    Hey all, We have finally decided to buy our first property in Melbourne. Could anyone advice of any "genuine" mortgage broker who can really give us "true" advice? Regards, yd.
  3. U

    Mortgage broker recommendations - inner sydney

    Hi everyone, Can anyone recommend a resourceful mortgage broker (one that can get things done with the banks :)), in the CBD or eastern suburbs of Sydney? I would be most interested to hear about your personal experiences with them. If you are a MB in those areas then feel free to reply as I...
  4. Alex P Keaton

    MB who is interstate ?

    Using a MB who is interstate ? I always thought that it would be too difficult to work with an mb who lives in another state to you. Are there many ss's who do this? I guess you can communice by email. Phone calls would be expensive though wouldn't they? Is skype easy to download? Msn...