mortgage insurance

  1. Scott No Mates

    Genworth - mortgage insurer

    I read with interest the article in today's Australian Financial Review that Genworth is to have an IPO of $2billion. With the low numbers of high risk mortgages going sour, is it a proposition?
  2. L

    Another LMI questions - short term access to funds

    Another LMI question - short term access to funds Hi All, I helped a mate buy a house on the weekend in Noble Park at auction. He has got preapproval, but is looking at $8000 mortgage insurance because he only has 8% deposit on a loan of about $330k. Here is the question: He has access...
  3. B

    Strategy for upgrading & investing at the same time

    Hi. I have started reading up on property investment materials available online and books but I still don't know how to apply the concepts to my situation. Different authors seem to have different views on debt on PPOR and investment properties when you upgrade. The only commonality is that...