mortgagee in repossession

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    Help!! with this Vendor Finance deal

    the situation is like a Mortgage Repossession: The property was in litigation since 2009 and it just came of the litigation in october 2012. Because it was in litigation the owner did not have to pay any payments to the bank during the litigation period. Now the property is in the possession...
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    Distressed properties for sale

    Hello Everyone, I am wondering if someone can tell me how I can obtain lists of distressed properties for sale? Distressed properties are ones that fit this criteria: Liquidation Sherrif Sales Deceased Estate Divorce Mortgage Sale Crime Proceeds Any help or direction would be...
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    Buying at Receivers Auction with multiple mortgages and caveats

    We are looking at buying a QLD property at receivers auction that has two mortgages and one caveat placed on the property. 1. Generally speaking, will these be released/removed and will we get clear title to the property? 2. Is it possible that not all mortgages will be released and the...