mount lawley

  1. Alex P Keaton

    $450 - $700 K Mt Lawley or Inglewood PPOR

    My total income (including rental) is $92 K pa. MB says the highest I can go is a $700 k loan. The next IP I buy will be my future ppor which I will move into in around 5 -10 years depending on when I can afford to. I'm wanting a bigger ppor, mine is just too small so I'm wanting...
  2. Of The Vultures

    Renovation suburbs in Perth

    Hi all, First time poster but long time lurker on this great forum. Hoping to get some advice from the Perth locals if possible. I'm looking for a property to renovate in Perth suburbs close to the CBD. I want to renovate (cosmetic) and sell mostly, but keep every second/third one long...