1. L

    *Sigh*How sad was this :(

    Hi all, I really don't get this IF the father killed all his family: http://www.9news.com.au/national/2014/09/11/13/46/relatives-of-family-massacred-at-nsw-farm-release-statement Waiting for more facts but IF he did,why didn't he just knock him self off? Bloody hell why? Oh this...
  2. Spades

    Sporadic gremlins lag 502 gateway

    Hi Sim, Noticed a bit of lag today and 502 bad gateway popping up on occasion. Cheers Spades.
  3. Spades

    What happened to 0ldL1stings?

    Anyone know what's happening with 0ldL1stings.com.au? Have been trying to access site but comes up as forbidden 403. I've emailed admin,no reply as yet. Cheers Spades.