1. Tracking on walls termites

    Tracking on walls termites

  2. Tracking by termites

    Tracking by termites

    Only tracking no structual damage at all
  3. My Termite Tenants

    My Termite Tenants

  4. My roof timbers

    My roof timbers

    All got cleaned and past by engineer
  5. Walls removed

    Walls removed

  6. Wall construction

    Wall construction

    Have not seen it before is masonite outside honeycomb inside, and clips together comes in 1200, 900, and 450 size panels
  7. Tree Removed

    Tree Removed

    Stump to be removed soon
  8. My termite tenants

    My termite tenants

  9. My Tree to be removed

    My Tree to be removed

  10. My progress

    My progress

    Still demolishing
  11. My progress

    My progress

    The initial burnt area