negative gearing

  1. D

    Negative Gearing

    Hi, My name is David Mark. I'm a journalist at the ABC doing a piece for ABC TV on negative gearing. I'm interested in interviewing any investors who may have properties and take advantage of the negative gearing tax laws. Basically why? and what is your take on the debate about negative...
  2. J

    Negative Gearing and Capital Gain Tax

    I purchased a property last weekend in Melbourne as an investment ($300,000). The rent would be $1200 per month and the mortgage payment would be $1700 per month ($100 principal and $1600 interest). I have got two little kids. I earn around $110k yearly and my partner earns around $20k yearly...
  3. Alex P Keaton

    I'm investing again in 2015

    ............... i'll come back later to edit. its way too long. thanks for all the replies btw
  4. piNoob

    Negative Gearing in simple terms

    Hi, Can anyone please explain how NG works and how can one benefit from it in real terms? Thanks in advance.