1. sashatheman

    Negotiating the price further down

    Hello everyone. My wife and I decided to look for our first investment property. We chose the Western suburbs of Sydney. I found a place that appears to generate sufficient rent and a tenant who is willing to stay. So after looking at the property I spoke to the agent and asked for about 5%...
  2. Martyn Fleming

    Creative solutions for occupying a commercial premises

    I'd be very interested in hearing your story in how you achieved a good outcome as a business owner (or anyone representing the owners). I'm particularly interested in arrangements that would not be considered 'mainstream' in a typical commercial contract (sale or lease). I'd like this to be...
  3. M

    How to make a direct offer? (No Agents Involved)

    Advice needed please... We are currently renting a townhouse and the old lady next door has just been moved into a nursing home. I saw her brother at the house and asked him if they are going to sell? He said 'Yes' & had received valuations from a couple of agents and has been advised to...