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    Brisbane CBD New Unit - Thoughts?

    Hi All, In the process of buying my second IP and have been told that Brisbane is tipped to progress well with alot of supporting evidence around population, infrastructure, position of property cycle....etc Have been advised that the below property may be a good option, would love to hear...
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    Handover of brand new property

    Hi Guys, Just wanted your thoughts of things to check on the day of handover. Here is a list of things I would check. -paint defects (internal & external). -everything on your contract is installed (phone points, power points, tv points, heating & cooling points) -check power points are...
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    Building a discounted new home rentback to builder for $1 a week - tax implications?

    What are the taxation implications of building a new home at a large discount, in return for allowing the builder to rent it back for use as a display home for 18 months at $1 per week? I've been told I can't claim the normal full tax deductions as it is an intentionally loss-making venture...
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    Liquidated damages

    Hi all, was just wondering if you could help. My cousin is doing a new build with abode homes and they still have not completed the dwelling two and a half years after initially starting. She was 55 days late on the first progress payment which she paid $1300 damages to the builder and the...