1. I

    Newcastle Newbie

    Hi there seasoned investors. I'm looking to purchase a house in Newcastle but am unfamiliar with the area. It needs to be in a safe area. Ideally it would be near the beach or within walking distance to the city - think the Newcastle equivalent of Fitzroy, or the Brisbane equivalent, West...
  2. Speedracer

    Granny flat option for my IP in Birmingham Gardens - Seeking your Feedback

    Hello, I am soon to settle on an IP purchase in Birmingham Gardens (Newcastle). I felt I paid good price for property, currently negatively geared but want to make it cash flow positive through Student accommodation and Granny Flat. If I move very quickly it is likely that I can build in...
  3. N

    Builders in Newcastle area

    Happy Friday everyone! Could anyone recommend a good builder in the Newcastle area? I've just bought my very first investment property and need to build a new internal wall, lay a driveway and build a deck. Thanks in advance. Neil
  4. P

    Good builder in Newcastle?

    Hi all, I'm looking to find a good builder in Newcastle. Need a team, not an individual (faster completion time). Have existing plans. Project home builders only want to use their own plans, so an independent company would be ideal. Any recommendations would be appreciated :-) Tks.
  5. N

    Any thoughts on Tarro and Beresfield?

    Evenin' all. Just wondering if anyone has anything good or bad to say about Tarro and Beresfield. I feel like I might be priced out of Newcastle so am looking further afield - I'm looking for house up to $320k. Thanks in advance :) Neil
  6. G

    Good builder in Newcastle?

    Hi there, Trying to find a good builder in Newcastle (Cameron Park) to build a duplex. Plans are good to go in terms of being able to quote. Has anyone got any good recommendations? Tks :-)
  7. N

    Buyer's agents for Newcastle

    Hi everyone Can anyone recommend a good buyer's agent with particular experience in the Newcastle area? I'd also be interested in everyone's general advice and opinions on using buyer's agents. I've decided to do so because I'm moving home to the UK for a year in June, and I don't want to...
  8. I

    Newcastle Area - Trying to decide Townhouse or House

    I am trying to decide what is best to buy a townhouse or House this is my first property and very inexperienced! ok So I have 70k deposit, I am looking at properties in the Newcastle Area of New Lambton and Wallsend both properties are around the 300k price, The one in New Lambton is a 2...
  9. O

    Help us spend $150K!

    My girlfriend and I have $150K as a deposit and are looking buy our first IP at a mid-level price point (say $400K), but want to understand the best way to utilise this sizeable deposit to secure multiple properties in a short space of time. We're looking for thought starters on how best to...
  10. S

    Sydney or Newcastle?

    Hi guys, First time poster, long timer reader seeking your thoughts. My partner and I are considering entering the property market. We have been saving for a long while and are stable in our jobs 75k each before tax. We are late 20s, 300k in mostly cash, no debt. We currently renting in...
  11. N

    Is Newcastle a good option?

    Hi everyone, I'm a wannabe first time investor, and this is my first post on here (so please go easy on me!). I'm looking to buy an IP at around the $300k mark, do a bit of a cosmetic reno and then rent it out. I was planning to buy in the western suburbs of Sydney, but from what I've...
  12. W

    Recommend Pest and building inspection in Newcastle area

    Hello I am about to exchange on my first IP in Raymond Terrace and need to get a pest and building report done. Can anyone recommend someone and roughly how much would it cost? Thanks :)
  13. grantwhit

    Getting rid of 2nd toilet

    Hey folks, Just after some feedback on an idea I am proposing. Our current ppor has a small WC off the laundry that has a toilet and a 100mm recess for a shower including incoming pipework (incomplete reno from previous owner (all on suspended slab)). The place also has no storage other than...
  14. B

    Unit Development Fee Proposal

    I have received a fee proposal for designing and submitting plans for a four unit development in the newcastle city council area. It is my first development and was hoping that someone could advise me on whether this schedule of fees is reasonable or if there are any parts that i could easily do...
  15. E

    Good Property Manager in Newcastle

    Hi all, can someone recommend a good property manager in Newcastle area. I have come across some real un-professional ones down in Sydney where my son rents (i.e. no inspections in 12 months, would never attend to maintenance issues and treated the tenants like low-lifes - which they are...
  16. E

    Newcastle Inner City Suburbs

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum, so please excuse me if I step on any toes or ask silly questions. My hubby and I have just set up a SMSF and we are in the process of conducting our research to purchase an IP, or rather the SMSF will be taking on a mortgage to purchase this property. As you can...
  17. A

    looking for a builder in Newcastle

    Hi fellow somersofters! Im looking for a builder for a four-townhouse development in Jesmond. Construction is anticipated to start in 4 months. Any help will be much appreciated Cheers RC [email protected]
  18. A

    Builders in Newcastle??

    Hi I am looking for builders in newcastle for a two-duplex project that should kick off by sept. Any suggestions/recommendations?