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    Not happy with PPOR unit after 6 months

    Hi all and happy new year!!! I've been thinking about posting this post for the past two months, so I have finally got off my *** to do so. My issue is this, I have had this place since mid last year and was thinking of either selling it after 12 months or renting it out after 12 months...
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    Noise above in multi story unit complex

    Hi all, Just moved into my new joint which a a 14 story unit. I'm hearing the regular squelch noise like someone is backing out of their chair or pushing a table across the floor in the morning and at night. Sometime sis frequent as in 5 or 6 times within a 5 minute period. I also hear...
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    Loud Cracking / Popping in Ceiling and Walls - Roof Truss?

    Hello We purchased a 2 story townhouse a year ago that is now nearly 2.5 years old. We had a building inspection done before we purchased the property which came back largely clear. However, we have had a few issues with the builder that have lead me to realise he may have cut a lot of...
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    how to get rid of noisy neighbours

    Is it possible to force a landlord to evict tenants on the grounds of noise complaints? Do you have to complain a set number of times to a strata manager, the police, council/ relevant government authority, etc until a landlord has no choice but to boot them out?? How does it work? I...