non deductible

  1. Luke

    Proceeds of CapGain - to Deductible or Non-D loan?

    Sorry if this has been answered before - I can't find it tonight if it has... If I borrow $x from an investment loan to buy shares Lets say I sell 6 months later (to avoid 50%CGT discount issues) for $x+y Clearly I've gained $y, which is declared and paid tax on. But the critical...
  2. Joh

    "Borrowing Funds" from Personal LOC for Investing

    Hi All, I have just a quick question. Even though I am mainly about property investing, I want to put $10 into shares however I am waiting for my loan to be approved (I have pre-approval). Are their any tax implications if I took 10K out of my non deductible LOC for investing and just pay...