1. F

    Annual Land Valuation Notice - What does it mean?

    I just got a letter for Annual valuation For PPOR the values hasn't changed for more than 4 years now this year all of the sudden it jumped by 140k...??! what is going on? what does it mean? Is it government's way of a tax grab, because they are so poor? Do I need to do anything differently...
  2. J

    Notice To Vacate

    Hello, I am currently residing in the property owned by my ex-partner of over 10 years although she moved out 6 months ago. We have both contributed to the mortgage repayments and utilities over this period and still have a joint bank account, however she has decided to try and sell the...
  3. Alex P Keaton

    Tenants gave me just 2 weeks notice vacating !

    Hi My tenants gave me just 2 weeks notice that they will be vacating. I just found out yesterday, the 17th July. The current lease expires August 2nd. Dont they need to give you longer notice than this? I thought it was something like 6 weeks? Sorry if this question has been asked a...
  4. A

    Moving out within the 21-day notice period...

    Just wondering when the tenant gives a 21-day notice to the real estate and the tenant decides to move out say after 14 days, does the tenant still have to pay the rent for the full 21 days? How does this work?