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    300k max

    Trying to get my first investment property. Im 19 and 4th year plumbing appretice. Looking at the buy and hold strategie. Im looking at a property max about 300k. What areas fit that price range with good capital growth? In nsw?
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    Settlement delayed by Vendor

    Hello! First time poster from NSW - need some advice. We have just purchased a unit, and asked for vacant possession since there are tenants who are not on lease. The tenants are a middle-aged man who is taking care of his elderly mother. They have been unable to find a new place, and...
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    NSW Land Tax deduction to prevent double taxation

    There is a really interesting fact sheet here which might be of interest to NSW investors. http://www.osr.nsw.gov.au/sites/default/files/file_manager/ofs_lt06_1.pdf To summarise (directly from page 2) If A & B jointly own Property 1 with a land value of $800k, and Mr A wholly owns...
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    NSW - local holiday suggestions, pet friendly?

    I'm changing role and will have a good 3 weeks break in between. I'm thinking of 1 week local NSW holiday. I want to bring my puppy, so hoping for a place that can allow dogs in the accommodations (not just outside). Since it's holiday and it's winter.... place with bathtub! Also want to...
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    Property developers

    Hi Guys, So my family have a property in the heart of Bowral, we have being informed by council that the land will be subdivied and we are waiting to find out the lot sizes. Worst case scenario is we will only be able to subdivide and allow one mroe bhouse on the bottom block. Either way the...
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    NSW New home grant scheme 2012 application question

    Hi all, Was reading up on the NSW new home grant scheme. http://www.osr.nsw.gov.au/legislation/budget/2012/grant/ Just a bit confused with the wording in the grant conditions. Say you are purchasing an off the plan unit and have just exchanged contracts but settlement won't be till...
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    Awesome IP accountant needed NSW Central Coast?

    Hi There! We have an IP in QLD and we are on the hunt for a new accountant we can go see as we have just moved to the Central Coast north of Sydney. Can anyone recommend someone who is great with IP's? Many thanks Neaka
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    RP Data Subscription Sharing For NSW

    Hi Somersoftians, I'm looking to organise (or join, if one already exists) a RP Data subscription sharing group for investors interested in NSW properties. You can have access to house sales in NSW, including full address, land size, sale price, Comparative Market Analysis etc. I'm...