1. tempura

    Making offer then do reports

    Is there anything wrong with this way of purchasing property: 1. Make offer 2. If accepted, then sign contract. 3. Quickly do Building & Pest, Strata, Valuation reports. 4. Consult Solicitor. 5. If something is pear shape then cool off. ? The risk of the above is: penalty of cool-off...
  2. tempura

    Offer before all due diligence

    These days, can you still do all due diligence (strata, b&p, value etc) before submitting an offer? In my experience, the answer is No. Before we even got time to do all of these, agent will encourage you to submit an offer; he will word it in such way that "if you like it, I would...
  3. C

    Offer advice - REA "other offers"

    Has anyone ever had an experience with an REA where they haven't been told there were already other offers for $XXX? I looked at a property yesterday for IP which is pretty new on the market and was told there'd already been a rejected offer of $315K (Currently advertised at $339,500). I...
  4. 7smurfs

    Making an offer - was I wrong?

    Hi, I was looking at an apartment on Saturday that I was extremely keen on purchasing listed at $359,000. I went to the inspections and made an offer of $340,000 based on an apartment nearby that sold for this approximately this amount. I was then told by the REA that another party had...
  5. N

    Buying Technique - Title Search / Off market

    Hi All I'm in the process of developing some sites and doing research for my next site in the same area. I see some properties which are ripe for redvelopement but they are not for sale. On google and on the plans some of these blocks look ideal for development. Some of the houses are realy...
  6. C

    Offer Expiry Period

    Hi. Can anyone advise if there is a standard offer expiry period (24 hrs, 48 hrs or longer) to be added in as a condition for offer? Thanks.
  7. B

    How to submit offers on 3 properties but only buy 1???

    Hi all, I've been submitting offers on individual properties for reno's over the last 6 months (one at a time) until the buyer wants more than my limit or I've been out bid by other buyers. Its frustrating to only deal with and make an offer on one property at a time when others are...
  8. Alex P Keaton

    Help URGENT Offer - Waiting to hear from RA

    hi I put in a verbal offer yesterday on a property at 9am. The ra said he didnt think the vendor would accept it as he wanted $3 K more. He said he would talk to the vendor. It is now 1.15pm, (the next day) and still havent heard from him. I forgot to put a deadline to my offer. I...
  9. Alex P Keaton

    Unconditional Offer - Pros & Cons

    Hi I have tried typing into the search box unconditional. Trying to find threads that cover the topic, but nothing comes up :confused: Anyway I would like to hear some stories in which people have put an offer on a property *unconditional* Anyone have any good links to some threads? Is...
  10. E

    Should I include this when making an offer?

    Fellows, I've been reading previous posts regarding writing an offer to buy a property. Let's say I find a property I like advertised for 300k and during my inspection, I find that the doors, screen flyers, etc, etc need replacement/repairs (a good reason to ask for a lower price). When...