1. Alex P Keaton

    low ball offers ? & What outer ring Perth suburbs

    I've been trying to search for some topics on SS about low ball offers. I'm thinking as a strategy I might put down a bunch of low ball offers and create some instant equity that way. I may possibly also do a reno as well to create further equity. There are always people needing to sell ASAP...
  2. Spades

    Re:Making an offer,markups etc

    N/a N/A-Delete thread.
  3. C

    Offer Expiry Period

    Hi. Can anyone advise if there is a standard offer expiry period (24 hrs, 48 hrs or longer) to be added in as a condition for offer? Thanks.
  4. M

    How to make a direct offer? (No Agents Involved)

    Advice needed please... We are currently renting a townhouse and the old lady next door has just been moved into a nursing home. I saw her brother at the house and asked him if they are going to sell? He said 'Yes' & had received valuations from a couple of agents and has been advised to...