offset account

  1. CosmicTrevor

    The use of loan offsets against limited recourse loans in SMSFs

    I had some feedback in another thread about the use of offsets in SMSFs but I really need something specific before I go to a private ruling. Here are two scenarios; SCENARIO 1 SMSF IP1 on bare trust - settled at $550k SMSF limited recourse loan 1 on IP1, $440k SMSF offset against loan...
  2. R

    Offset account vs partial repayment- Newbie doubts

    Hello Experts, I am a newbie and following this forum since quite time.I am educating my self for buying a IP in coming days, have some questions though. kindly correct me if any of my assumption/belief are wrong- 1) I wanted to take a loan as PPOR , stay there for 6 months then covert it...
  3. C

    Comprehensive Mortgage Calculator - Spreadsheet Alternative

    Hi everybody. I am new to this site, and the content in these forums is exactly what I was hoping to find. A few years back I spent months trying to collaborate Mortgage Spreadsheets that i had downloaded/was given/bought etc. to be able to create one that would allow me to view amortised...
  4. C

    New purchase, where to link offset account PPOR or IP?

    Hi all, After purchasing my first property (IP) two years ago, I have just purchased my second property (PPOR). The past 2 years I have had an offset account linked to my IP loan which is interest only. My question is, now that I will have an IP and a PPOR which loan should I link the offset...
  5. P

    Offset account needed?

    I have a home loan with a 5.2% variable rate and offset account. Basically, I am wondering is it necessary to have the offset account home loan for taxation purposes (as I claim tax deductions for the properties home loan interest expenses). I have heard it is is complex to not have an offset...