1. J

    Purchase a block of land under option

    Purchase a block of land under option Hi everyone, I always have interest in property investment. I have couple of investment property. Recently I have spotted a block of land about 2.4ha, its sets back of houses and have dual street access @ price $400k. It has 2a residential zoning. I...
  2. J

    Deposit down on OTP property - difficulty obtaining finance. Options?

    Hi all, Back in late 2009 I put a 10% deposit of $37k for an off-the-plan purchase of a $370k 1 bedroom apartment in Hamilton, Brisbane. The apartment was intended to be an IP and rented out once built to assist with loan repayments. Since 2009 my financial situation has drastically...
  3. jsoe

    Options Options Options

    Hi all, any advice is appreciated. We're thinking of playing "options" on this property for sale. This house we're looking to buy has land component big enough and eligible (as per council zoning, etc.) for multiple dwellings development. No DA has been applied for. We are thinking of...