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    Its nice to have OPTIONS

    I'm interested in exploring an 'OPTION to BUY' for my next investment property or development. Has anyone done this before? (experiences please). Better still does anyone have a document they have used in the past? Can anyone recommend a solicitor in Toowoomba or Brisbane that is...
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    For sale: Options made Simple CD by Rob Balanda

    Hi all, I'm selling my copy of Options made simple, by Rob Balanda. It comes with a really informative leaflet as well, and is in great condition. Selling for $75 inc postage, which is half RRP of $159 (http://www.propertybooks.com.au/options_made_simple_-_rob_balanda) PM me if you're...
  3. garage flooring

    garage flooring

    this is a photo of a garage floor that i have completed for a client of mine using a product called allure garage it is a very easy DIY product and looks great when it is laid. the biggest plus to this is you can still park your car on it.