1. pizza2


  2. Tesla Rules

    Oven repair required _North Ryde Syd

    HI, I am being stuffed around by my PM and need to locate a reliable licenced insured reasonably priced repairman to fix cooktop+oven. Cooktop has a light that does not come on - switch needs/repair/replace Oven hinge needs repair/replace. Kleenmaid appliances from 2000. Would...
  3. mary&mat

    How bad do the elements on a stove need to be before replacement/repair?

    Hello all, An oven/stovetop all in one has those solid elements on top that have gone a bit rusty. Can I just replace the stovetop bit or does the whole oven need replacing? Is it dangerous once they've rusted a bit? The tenant hasn't asked for it to be replaced, it's just been...