1. C

    Buying In Indonesia

    Hi Everyone, Im new herer, first thread. anyways... I am wanting information on an australian citizen buying property in indonesia, specifically The Gili Islands, Lombok or Yogyakarta. Regards, Callum.
  2. Alex P Keaton

    2 week overseas holiday cost ?

    Hi Im wanting to go overseas for 1-2 weeks. My cousin is getting married. As I have never been overseas I have no idea about cost. Approx how much do you think it will cost me for 1 week if I visit London & the middle east? I'd like to go for 2 weeks seeing as I am going so far away...
  3. T

    opening a bank account by an overseas PI

    I am from the USA and would like to ido some Property investment in Australia. Am I allowed to open a bank account in an Australian Bank?
  4. E

    Can I claim depreciation on an IP when I move back in?

    Here is my situation, I am returning from the UK after living here for a few years, I rented out my PPOR effectively turning it into an IP. On my return I plan on moving back into that property until we find a new place. What I need to know is can I claim the depreciation on that property...