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    Painter needed.

    Hey guys, Looking for a painter for my place. Looking for someone reasonably priced and does a good job. I'm out Blacktown way. Cheers T.G
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    Full Reno 5 unit Block - south side Brisbane

    Recommend for a Full Reno ? 5 Unit Block Bris Sth Side I'm looking for some recommendations for a builder that can do a complete Reno It's a older style wooden block so easy to work on its up on stumps so plumbing is a breeze too. I will need X 5 new bathrooms, basic all tile floor and...
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    Perth Maintenance Help - Taking over hubby's to do list

    Can anyone recommend (Northern suburbs): 1) A good registered painter 2) According to building inspector our rangehood needs to be vented to outside of house. Got no idea who or what I'd call to do job. 3) Someone to edge garden beds with limestone and limestone capping 4) I'm converting...