1. E

    Pro-painter - Painting 101 Help?

    I'm planning to do DIY painting to save some reno cost. Any SS pro-painter here can give tips on how to start? I have never paint before (apart from as a kid helping mum paint directly onto the wall). So can I confirm that the process goes like this for interior wall? 1. Sand the wall (do I...
  2. laurieload

    Softening a hard paintbrush

    Was cleaning out the shed and found a couple of dried out acrylic paintbrushes. Decided to try the boiling-in-vinegar trick found on the internet to see if they could be rescued. After placing in boiling vinegar for 5 minutes .. hey presto! - One softened completely and could be fully...
  3. T

    Dulux Mobile Website for Trade

    Thought this might be of interest to some people (and no, I don't work for Dulux!). I haven't checked it out so please leave your thoughts for others. ---- DULUX LAUNCHES MOBILE WEBSITE FOR TRADE Dulux has launched a trade specific version of its mobile website, making it easier and...
  4. M

    Where to buy paint in Sydney (west)

    About to paint our property and wondering if anyone has recommendations for buying paint in Sydney - Preferably Western Syd. We have purchased from Bunnings in the past and wondering if there are better options? Cheers.
  5. G

    wallpapering vs painting

    Hi there, Thank you for reading this post. I have decided to remove the banister/balustrade barrier on our second floor landing space and put up a half wall as a childproofing measure. I am estimating it to be 140cm to 150cm tall so as to prevent accidental falls. See picture at...
  6. Rolling Stones - Keith Richards

    Rolling Stones - Keith Richards

    A proud Mum showing off son's paintings
  7. Blue Pig

    Blue Pig

    One of Darren's animal paintings
  8. Burnie Units After

    Burnie Units After

    These are how the units in Burnie look after painting