perth subdivision

  1. T

    St James, WA Triplex Development Diary

    Hi ALL, New to somersoft and first time post. Would like to share the journey of a commencing a Triplex development in St James, WA. Background: *First time developer *Qtr. Acre block *Retain and build model whilst occupying front dwelling as PPOR. Subdivision: *Demo complete...
  2. C

    WA subdivision advice

    Hi all, I have an IP in WA, it's a 1960 house on a 845sqm block of land, zoned R20/30. The house sits at the front so I have the option to do a battle axe. I'd like to start the subdivision, but since this is my first subdivision project, I'm a bit at loss regarding my options and what I...
  3. HD_ACE

    Perth subdivision

    Hi all Im after a bit of advise on this if anyone can help. I have a property in the city of belmont perth. It is a corner block and i want to subdivide it into two street front blocks, retaining the original building with a reno and building on the new block keeping both properties...