1. T

    Perth. Game of CASHFLOW and Networking Event.

    Hi all, In conjunction with some of the other prominent property and networking groups in Perth, I am organising a large game of Robert Kiyosaki's CASHFLOW which will start with a casual networking session. We're having it at 6pm on the 15th of July. We have hired a function room to...
  2. T

    Recommendation for Property Manager near Wandi/Banjup/Oakford WA (or SOR Perth)

    My wife and I are looking for a property manager who is familiar with 5-10 acre properties in the Wandi/Oakford/Banjup area. We would prefer to use a smaller company (Mum & Pop shop would be ideal), not one of the larger ones who suffer staff turnover. If anyone has any recommendations, we'd...
  3. C

    Perth meetup - Saturday, June 20th

    Hi folks, Was thinking of having another meetup in the same venue as the January one, the Balmoral Hotel in East Victoria Park. I'm thinking Saturday, June 20th from 12 in the dining area again. Anyone else interested?
  4. 3 bed house mins from Warnbro Beach, WA. Huge 1100sq mtr land. RESIDE OR DE

    3 bed house mins from Warnbro Beach, WA. Huge 1100sq mtr land. RESIDE OR DE

  5. K

    Big increase in Unimproved land value in Perth?

    Is anyone else getting hit with big increases in the unimproved land values in their land tax statement this year? I just received mine and here are the increases from last year in the value: * Bentley: 30.4% to $225k * Vic Park: 17.5% to $370k And the amount of land tax payable goes up...
  6. N

    First IP - looking at Forrestfield WA

    Hi guys, I've just turned 22 and looking at purchasing my first IP in Perth as I've lived here my whole life and despite potential better opportunities interstate I'm willing to look into it as my first purchase. I Have really set potential CG as my priority as my cash flow is flexible since I...
  7. N


    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and wanted to start a thread to get some advice from the brilliant minds on this forum. I have been doing ALOT of research on property development and I want to start a project of maybe a one into two block subdivision or a divide and retain to start with. I've...
  8. Joel

    Reticulation service

    Hi, Wondering what people would do regarding servicing the reticulation system on a property I have acquired. Property is 850 sqm with a large lawn area Sprinkler system installed by previous vendor guessing during the 1980's based on the look of the controller Approximately 75 pop up...
  9. C

    Can you recommend a good property manager in Kewdale?

    I'm in the closing stages of building a 3 x 2 in Kewdale, WA which will be ready for tenancy in a few weeks. Can you recommend a good property manager. By "good" I mean: Actually vets potential tenants actually inspects the property when they say they do, no drive by inspections collects...
  10. D

    Application timings?

    Just wondering (mainly for the Perth people, especially for people who has dealt with City of Melville). Roughly how long does it take for a DA to be passed by council approval once it has been handed in? Also how long would it take to get the construction certificate as well? Thank you! Dex.
  11. D

    Booragoon R25 Development

    Recently bought a 735sqm house in Booragoon for 880k. 4 x 2 layout. I really think I've got a good deal for this one. Since it's subdivisible and a 370 sqm single storey home could fetch 1m. At the same time I can retain the exist house. It's current tenanted out till December which would...
  12. D

    Perth Builder Recommendations

    Hi there everyone, This is my first post, recently discovered this forum and been quietly observing because I didn't think I could contribute anything. HOWEVER, recently I bought a property in Booragoon and its sub-divisible. The layout/zoning of the property is such that I can have 2...
  13. J

    Random noob questions

    Hi guys. I've been following the forum for a few months now, and am looking set myself up to get into this property game within a year or so. Just a few random questions: -changing densities: how does somebody keep track of rezoning? e.g. an R20 area rezoned to R20/40 etc. Is there a way...
  14. H

    Triplex perth planning approval

    Hi I'm about to start my first triplex development in the city of bayswater The plans have been in council since January and there's been a few back and fourths about some minor changes. Now all of a sudden they have requested that the access to the front unit is off the common property...
  15. impala67

    NAB Capital City House Price Forecasts 2014

    Property prices to keep growing News Limited Network - February 13, 2014 1:10PM PROPERTY prices are tipped to grow throughout all capital cities this year with new forecasts tipping...
  16. L

    Thoughts on Westminster?

    Hi, new to the forums and interested in your opinions. I know of a block in Westminster coming onto the market soon. 728m? zoned R40. Very standard block for the area, suitable for a triplex development. It currently has an old 3 x 1 house and a large 1 x 1 granny flat. Total rental would be...
  17. wrexter

    First Time Subdividing

    Hi All, My wife and i have no subdivision experience but we are about to embark on our first subdivision (i can hear the scream!). We are actually assisting my mother subdivide her property in Riverton in order to then sell the existing house, build on the rear battleaxe lot. The ultimate...
  18. S

    Cabinet/Wardrobe Makers/Carpenters in Perth

    Colleagues, Does anyone know (good quality)+(reasonable price) places in Perth to source kitchen cabinets and various wardrobes? Basically everything wooden to install into the house to hide stuff in. I feel like Builders are crazy on these things and willing to get hefty margins or...
  19. Alex P Keaton

    low ball offers ? & What outer ring Perth suburbs

    I've been trying to search for some topics on SS about low ball offers. I'm thinking as a strategy I might put down a bunch of low ball offers and create some instant equity that way. I may possibly also do a reno as well to create further equity. There are always people needing to sell ASAP...
  20. T

    Buyer's agent Perth

    Can anyone put me in touch with an experienced and reasonably priced buyer's agent in Perth. If there are any BA's here on the forum, please feel free to pm me. Thanks