1. laurieload

    Financing termite riddled hell hole

    I am genuinely considering purchasing a termite infested house offered for 150-200k less than what it would go for if it were not riddled with termites. House is deceased estate and has been vacant for 8 years. Damage is moderate in most affected areas with severe yet easily accessible damage...
  2. mooki24

    Building and Termite Inspections - Perth

    Hi all Does anyone have any recs for good Building Inspection and Pest Inspection companies in Perth? Preferably SOR? Thanks :)
  3. cocka2

    IP buy, hesitating ...

    Dear All, I am interested to buy a rental unit in ACT. The building is built 40 years ago. I asked for building inspection documents, the agent provided me with body corporate notes for the last 2 years. The unit is vacant at the moment. The unit floor is covered by carpet; but at some...
  4. M

    House Purchase - Pest Inspection Results

    Hi All - Firstly, I would like to say thanks to the members for such a useful & informative website. I submitted an offer on an older style period home in the inner west ~ built around 90-100 years ago and I currently have a 0.025% deposit resting on the property. The house underwent a...
  5. A

    Building and Pest Inspection Company in Brisbane

    Hi all, would anyone have any recommendation for a good and reliable Building and Pest Inspection Company in Brisbane that you've dealt with. Your recommendation and comments are appreciated. Thanks. Ken :)
  6. I

    Renovator's nightmare! What are the right Qs to ask?

    Hello folks, This is my first post…I’ve followed this forum on and off for a couple of years, and am in awe of the collective knowledge and experience here! Having never been in a position to buy a property and/or found the right one, I haven’t had anything to contribute…until now. It’s a...