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    Structuring finance for first property

    Hi all, been reading the forum for several months now and trying to soak up as much information as possible. I'm hoping to get some opinions on how to best structure the finance for our first property with a view to the future. A bit of background - My partner and I graduated from uni at...
  2. Plan of IP

    Plan of IP

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    Where to find a property's building/floor plan

    I am wondering where can I find a property's building plan? I am not sure if building plan is the right term for it. Basically I am after something like a floor plan which at a minimum tells me how all rooms are laid and preferably gives me room dimensions. I bought some plans from...
  4. Open Plan

    Open Plan

    Back to basics open plan design. Lack of walls eliminate need for A/C.
  5. After shot of interior of church south facing

    After shot of interior of church south facing

    All ready set up to go as a holiday rental (never do that one again!!). Tops of the windows were done with a glass paint from spotlight craft dept. Good bang for your bucks there. The ever crafty wife at it again with the bedspreads matching the wall dado boards (couldn't do it the other way...
  6. Before shot Church south facing

    Before shot Church south facing

    Ok so the agent rolled out the red carpet for us. Note also the classy beige carpet and poo brown dado boards. yuk, this was an ugly duckling.
  7. North facing interior of Church

    North facing interior of Church

    It isn't a big building (about 5.5m x 8 m) so we had to make the most of what space we had. It started out as a bare shell. No water to main building and no hot water or sewer, only the old septic.