1. B

    from people in the know

    Hey guys here's the situation. $113,000 in equity Loan and credit debt of $55,000 Obviously want IP's Should I get rid of all my debt ($55,000) first or can you suggest an alternate plan that allows everything to happen at once
  2. Prop Meeting WA

    Perth Property Meeting Wed 24 September - Stop being Average!

    Ok, so you have found your next development site, you have done your numbers and worked out the best yield for your site using the r-code allowances and averages, but is this the best you can really do? As the property market starts to undergo another slight shift, it will be the experienced...
  3. H

    Planning certificate

    Hi There, Can anyone tell me about a S149 Planning Certificate. How do I go about getting one? What information will it provide me with? Help I am drowning in things I cannot understand:confused:
  4. I

    The NSW Planning System

    Hi all, We've put together a quick guide to the different types of development approvals in NSW, running through exempt development, complying development and development applications. This includes links to relevant legislation and a step by step guide to things you need to consider. Exempt...
  5. N

    Working Drawings

    Hey all you Architects and Draft people and Developers out there. I need to get some working drawing quotes What Actually consists of working drawings (Project in victoria) - Framing - Electrical Lay out - Plumbing - Roof - ?? I have already got the Storm water / Structural...
  6. S

    Property Data

    Would you use a website that goes beyond rpdata and pdslive and provides actionable survey data and general planing advice to the subject property? The Survey data could take the form of a: -Contour and Detail Survey -3D model of an existing property
  7. V

    My search for land to subdivide

    Hi all, after a couple of buy-and-hold IPs I have decided to give the more active IP business a go. My goal is to buy a subdividable block of land within the next 6 months and have given me roughly: 1 month to find four areas I will focus on researching. 2-3 months to do detailed...
  8. Alex P Keaton

    RMG Accounting & Financial Planning ?

    Hi guys Sorry if the answer has been posted before, but I havent found anything. Financial Plan I have an appointment with RMG Accounting in a few weeks and I am meeting Patrick Thatcher and the consultant Peter Young (at the same time) Does anyone know if RMG can help you to write...
  9. Aaron Sice

    WAPC amendment [B]PERTH - MUST READ[/B]

    Hi all, WAPC amendment as of June 2009 - DC1.3 attached for everyone's records. Specifically 3.3.4 (e) page 5 - This reference refers to DC2.6 (3.4.3) page 12 - also attached What does this mean? Chuck out your R Codes as far as Driveway widths goes for 7 or more dwellings. All driveways...
  10. C

    Subdividing Corner Block Glen Eira VIC

    Hi This is the first time I am trying to subdivide so lot of questions and confusions. I am planning to subdivide a corner block in Glen Eira City Council, VIC. Here is some information about the block:- The block comes under council's Minimal Change Area policy. Size is almost 590 m2...