1. jaja

    Building designer/Architectural draftsman required - Melbourne

    Can someone recommend a reliable Building designer/Architectural draftsman in Eastern Melbourne? Thanks!
  2. A

    subdivision in Honrsby council - steps

    hi guys; would like to pick these experienced brains on my subdivision i bought a house with a DA consent already given (and it expires in about 8 months, so i better act on it :). are the steps as follows: a) get someone to re survey our place b) get engineering plans c)...
  3. G

    Where to find a property's building/floor plan

    I am wondering where can I find a property's building plan? I am not sure if building plan is the right term for it. Basically I am after something like a floor plan which at a minimum tells me how all rooms are laid and preferably gives me room dimensions. I bought some plans from...
  4. B

    Unit Development Fee Proposal

    I have received a fee proposal for designing and submitting plans for a four unit development in the newcastle city council area. It is my first development and was hoping that someone could advise me on whether this schedule of fees is reasonable or if there are any parts that i could easily do...