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    How to Find a Stud. Amazing Method!

    G'day Guys, How many times have you tried to attach a new towel rail or hang a picture in one of your properties and you have trouble finding a stud. Fear no more. I've just uploaded a video demonstrating a foolproof method of detecting a stud behind a wall. Check it out. The link is below...
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    How to Patch a Hole in a Wall

    G'day all, How many times has a tenant vacated in a hurry and left your property with holes in the walls. Don't call the plasterer just yet. Check out the video l've just uploaded showing how to repair holes in plasterboard yourself. It could save you a few bucks. This is video 4 in my...
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    "My Top 10 DIY Tips" Video Two.

    G'day All, Just uploaded Video Two of the series 'My Top 10 DIY Tips' which is relevant to any of you property investors who are keen to save a buck or two by doing it yourself. Here's the link. Cheers, Uncle Knackers:)
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    Plasterboard Wall Anchors?

    G'day Knuckleheads, Uncle Knackers here. Have you ever had trouble deciding what plasterboard wall anchors you need to hang things like a picture, curtain rod, smoke detector or toilet roll holder etc? Don't worry about it, l've just knocked up a video demonstrating my favourite plasterboard...