1. Spades

    Plumber recommendation for s/e mel.b

    Hi All, Have had half a dozen recommendations for a plumber but there either booked out,going on holidays or don't turn up. I need one asap. If anyone could recommend one it would be much appreciated, Cheers Spades.
  2. P

    Recommend me a plumber in Melbourne!

    hi all, i need a recommended plumber in melbourne. the engineer who is assessing my property requires a plumber to undertake a full plumbing investigation as my building is cracking to bits and *****s so please, recommed me a GOOD RELIABLE plumber! thanks so much
  3. W

    Pluumber took taps, electrician cut timber bench top

    Who is responsible? Could anyone provide information about responsibility for the following two situations that occurred during the management of my residential property. 1. A plumber was called regarding the kitchen sink taps, which were reported as ‘old jamming and would not turn off’...