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    Which Investment Company and What Area?

    Hi I have never bought an investment property before... I live in Berwick VIC. I have been speaking to 2 companies about purchasing my first property. Option 1: is a company called Legal & General http://www.legalandgeneral.com.au/ who only offer property in the Berwick/Casey area...
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    Sewer manhole a problem?

    Hi, not sure where to put this thread but I'm an FHB looking to build a new house. I just noticed in the engineering plan of the lot that there's a sewer manhole located in the right corner of the backyard. Have put in a deposit of $1k for the land and seriously considering to back off if it...
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    what to do with 1st property? --- need help!

    my partner and i are hoping we can get some ideas from the forum around what to do with our first property. things we need opinion on are whether to make it residential or investment or both, and a few other things. i'll start by saying that the property is a land that we're planning to build...