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    Investment outdoor spa

    Hi all, I have just purchased a investment house in Margate QLD, what are your thoughts on leaving an existing certified outdoor spa on the property for a rental. I will be getting it serviced seasonally with me covering callout cost and tenant covering chemical costs, apparently this is a...
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    Removing a pool (Perth)

    Hi all At our IP, there is a massive concrete pool probably built in 70s. It is such a monster that a DIY is not possible at all. As the block is potentially sub-dividable, it has to be removed properly. Has anyone removed such pools recently in Perth? Any idea how much it will cost? Singo
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    Removing a Pool?

    Hey guys. I have a friend with a in ground concrete pool that they would like to get removed. I know they need to fill in a council form to allow the work to be done but do you know the costs of getting someone to remove and infill it? Or who do i contact to do the work? Cheers.