1. superAndrew

    Positive Cash Flow Properties

    I get constantly asked where I find positive cash flow properties, if they exist and how I find them. So I created a website where I list positive cash flow properties that are currently for sale. There are plenty of books, courses and mentors that teach you how to find positive cash flow...
  2. impala67

    A good article by Terry Ryder & an interesting experiment

    http://www.propertyobserver.com.au/hotspots/a-quality-property-investment-is-not-dictated-by-prestige-or-price-but-by-growth-and-returns/2014021267753?utm_source=po&utm_medium=aida&utm_campaign=upperright Here's a good article by Terry Ryder - 13.02.14 and an interesting experiment. --- A...
  3. M

    Where do I start in Melbourne?

    Hi I have been a silent reader for quite a while. My investment aim is to build equity and looking at a time period of 5years. I would like to move into a good school zone area using the equity gained from IP in 5year time. I was told that it's hard to find positive gear properties...
  4. K

    New Investor

    Hi, I'm a newbie, have not yet purchased, but have around 200K and would prefer positive cashflow over capital gains. If possible would prefer to be as close to Sydney as possible. Am I dreaming, or do these properties exist? :confused: