positively geared

  1. superAndrew

    Positive Cash Flow Properties

    I get constantly asked where I find positive cash flow properties, if they exist and how I find them. So I created a website where I list positive cash flow properties that are currently for sale. There are plenty of books, courses and mentors that teach you how to find positive cash flow...
  2. janglesey

    Buying a home unit in an SMSF

    I would like to purchase an inexpensive home unit in my SMSF. I have found an older 2 bedroom unit in an established Perth suburb that has shown good capital growth over the past 10 years. I expect the suburb's growth over the next 10 years should remain solid. The unit is currently...
  3. S

    Cash flow positive properties. Where do Dymphna & Helen Collier properties recommend

    I am thinking of adding a cash flow property to my portfolio. I always worry about the risk with these locations. There are a lot of spruikers pushing the merits of cash flow properties. I have attended a couple of introductory courses but they never really say where they are telling their...
  4. J

    Positively geared properties + resistance from ING to OK finance...anyone else?

    Hi all, I tend to be more of a lurker rather than active participant in forums generally, but a recent experience has been a bit unusual, and I'm interested to know if anybody else has had similar issues. We have 6 investment properties, plus a PPOR. All IPs are either neutral or +vely...