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    from PPR to IP - loan interest deductions

    Hi fellow forum people – you’ve helped me in amazing ways before and I have a new question : In 2011 I moved into an IP house and so it is currently my PPR. The balance of the LOC loan when I moved in was 100K. Soon I am moving out of the PPR house and want to turn it back to a IP. The...
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    First Home Owner Transfer Duty Exemption, PPoR, CGT and a Lodger

    Hi all, I hope this is a simple question - but in my research it has become increasingly complicated... My situation is this: - Bought first home (a 2 bedroom appartment) 01/02/2011 - Claimed FHOG - Claimed First Home Transfer Duty Exemption - I have lived in the property since...
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    Q about the 6 year CGT exemption rule for PPR

    Hi all. I read a few threads here that talk about the 6 year rule - I actually never heard about it until today! I'm wondering whether if my IP qualifies as a PPR: 2006 - Bought the property as first home buyer. Immediately lived in it for 1 year continuously. 2007 - Rented it out (I...
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    Paying Rent and Leasing PPR

    I own a house which I rent out and earn rental income. I also rent an apartment for a greater value to the rent earned. I am now being hit with Land Tax, and Income Tax Assessment. Is there anyway I can avoid paying these taxes. Just because it is not my 'real' PPR, it is the only house I...