private sale

  1. L

    Selling privately: Using an auctioneer?

    Hi all, I am selling a Sydney apartment privately and am wondering if I can sell via auction by commissioning an auctioneer. Does anyone know if this is possible? or is this only possible via an agent?
  2. tempura

    property price negotiation - private sale

    i'll keep it brief :) 2 questions only. i am asking this from buyer's perspective. :confused: 1. In the same building but higher level, there was a 40 sqm unit sold for $x. The sale just happened 2 weeks ago. Can I use the following method to calculate the price for a 20 sqm unit at a...
  3. I

    Private Sale - how to prepare meeting

    We are in process of selling one of our Ip's and I have checked with the tenant to see if they are interested in purchasing. We will be having a meeting to discuss this, so far I have not engaged an Agent and I am confident to do the negations. Of course I would like to keep my cards close, but...
  4. MsAli

    approaching vendor for private sale

    Hi all, Happy New Year!! I hope you all have your visions set for a smashing 2014! I have no doubt of achieving visions where there is strong intention, vision coupled with emotion (to keep you going). We've had our eyes on a corner lot around 1000 sqm where there is an existing house and...
  5. Paradise4Sale

    Selling privately or with real estate agent?

    Hi all, We're considering selling our unique real estate Wongawallan, Qld privately. We've built a website as a starting point: Have any of you been through this process and how did you find it? Did you use a private company for marketing/advertising? If so...
  6. 7smurfs

    Making an offer - was I wrong?

    Hi, I was looking at an apartment on Saturday that I was extremely keen on purchasing listed at $359,000. I went to the inspections and made an offer of $340,000 based on an apartment nearby that sold for this approximately this amount. I was then told by the REA that another party had...
  7. zenq

    Private sale on

    I read in a couple of threads that some private sale websites allow listings on, however when I have tried to list my property on these they don't seem to list on Does anyone know of any sites which definitely will list on Cheers
  8. B

    Strategy for upgrading & investing at the same time

    Hi. I have started reading up on property investment materials available online and books but I still don't know how to apply the concepts to my situation. Different authors seem to have different views on debt on PPOR and investment properties when you upgrade. The only commonality is that...