1. D

    Should I sell or develop?

    Hi All, My parents own a piece of land in Taylors Hill. It is in a good location and is roughly 760 sqm. I have a 5/6 townhouse development underway (my first development project) but thought that i could learn alot from developing this block of land first and it would be a lot less risky...
  2. mixedup

    a few basic rental yield calculation questions?

    Just to do some "rough" calculations when looking at a rental property any advice on any of these? a) What's the term for the final after tax "profit" divided by property value? Is it Net Yield? i.e. if property was $500k and annual income (rent - expenses - interest + tax benefit) was...
  3. P

    Renovations and profits

    Hi, I am looking at doing renovations to earn an income (whilst still working 9-5). There is so much material out there about reno's, tips & tricks but I really want to know how profitable renovating and selling properties is - especially if you want to 'buy, renovate and sell' v.s 'buy...
  4. B

    New TV Show Seeking Flippers/Renovators

    I'm working on a new tv show about the lives of people who flip/renovate properties for profit, a mix of those doing it regularly and newbies too. I'm seeking expressions of interest from people in Sydney and Melbourne who're interested in appearing, no commitment at this stage, so no pressure...
  5. R

    property books for sale

    hi, i have some books for sale - all are in excellent condition $10 each plus postage (or pick up from Adelaide cbd in my lunch break) * Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki * Cashflow Quadrant - Robert Kiyosaki * Anita Bell - your money starting out and starting over * sam vannutini -...