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    Ownership structure

    Ownership structure Our home property in SA can be divided into 9 blocks. I have 5 children and want to give them a block each. I need some guidance on the best way to set this up. We have been told that we have to pay CGT on each block which could mean a tax bill of upto $400,000 on money...
  2. C

    Deposit bond

    Hi, I've secured a property with a historic stone cottage on the beach in Tasmania. After a long negotiation, I've been able to lock down the price and get indicative finance offer on the table. We have the contract subject to finance and DA. giving us 90 days till settlement. Our surveying...
  3. coastymike

    2011 Tax Time Checklist

    All A simple checklist I use for my clients. Thought this might come in handy as we approach tax time