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  1. C

    Updating of data on YIP online/RPData websites

    I use the hot suburbs section of YIP online to track how suburbs are moving from month to month. Would anyone know what date each month this data is updated? I have previously heard it was around the 20-21st of each month?? (eg of suburb data -...
  2. Results

    'Crack the Property Code' Workshops May 2014

    Hi all, We thought we'd let you know about the exciting workshops that we are doing around the country this May. You will be able to hear from two of Australia's foremost Property Mentors - Simon Buckingham and Brendan Kelly - along with Australia's Leading Independent Property Market Analyst...
  3. liamaust

    Market reacts to new property research tool

    Today's The Australian tells the story of my startup The site allows home owners to gauge market interest in their property before committing to sell. Simultaneously buyers can get the scoop on what's coming up for sale in their desired area. Here's the article...
  4. S

    Property Data

    Would you use a website that goes beyond rpdata and pdslive and provides actionable survey data and general planing advice to the subject property? The Survey data could take the form of a: -Contour and Detail Survey -3D model of an existing property