property management

  1. M

    Know of an awesome Property Manager in Guildford Parramatta Merrylands SW Sydney?

    Can anyone recommend a gun Property Manager for the Guildford, Parramatta, Merrylands, Granville area in SW Sydney? I've been putting up with less than motivated property manager whom is incredibly unresponsive and has no drive to complete maintenance activities. The tenant could hand in notice...
  2. B

    PM Outer North Melbourne

    Any recommendation for PM around outer north Melbourne suburbs...roxburgh park,meadow heights,glenroy,coolaroo ?
  3. Gedro

    Anyone heard of Managed Property? Brisbane based Property Managers

    I've just purchased a 3 bedroom unit in Morningside QLD and am looking for a property manager. I came across Managed Property ( that only charge $22/wk. This appears to be good value. Has anyone tried them? Any other Property Manager recommendations for...
  4. S

    How to self manage the property

    Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum. I have recently purchased my 1st investment property and I have also found a great tenant to rent it out shortly. I am thinking of self managing my property and so I would like to know what are the things that I need to self manage the property. So...
  5. Y

    PM for inner West Brisbane (St Lucia)

    Hi, I am purchasing a 1 bedder in St Lucia and as I am new to Brisbane wanted to have your opinions on locals PMs. I have only found a couple of old threads for Toowong/Taringa, but would be glad to hear about your experience and good or bad PMs for this area. Cheers, Yann
  6. J

    Agents liabilities ????

    Guys, I need some advice. I recieved a call from my managing agent today to update me on the condition of one of my investment properties post tenants moving out. He informed me that the house is a mess. Blinds have been all but destroyed, carpet in two rooms will need replacing and a good clean...
  7. S

    Setting up rental agreements before settlement?

    Hi, I am in the process of purchasing an investment property in the ACT with Settlement only 2 weeks away on the 7th Nov 2014. We would like it available to rent 1 week later on the 14th Nov to allow us to get the carpets professionally cleaned and the back yard landscaped. We have signed up...
  8. C

    Tenant screening website

    I saw on Somersoft a few weeks ago, a post that included website link available to screen tenancy applicants (I think the post/thread was asking if PMs used the website to screen applicants). If someone is aware of the website/thread I am trying to find, could you please put a link in reply...
  9. C

    How regularly to increase the rent

    Hi everyone One of my IPs has been rented for just over 18 months and due to the lower rental entry level, I increased the rental by $10 each 6 months. Reviewing there weren't a lot of comparisons to gauge the rental rates on however the PM advised as part of their inspection...
  10. M

    Brisbane Property Management - Rental Guardians

    Hi all, I'm a long-time lurker on this forum so I figure it's about time I contribute. For anyone looking for a full service property manager in Brisbane I would highly recommend Rental Guardians. They are a relatively new management company. I have several properties and have dealt with many...
  11. A

    Terminating Property Management Agreement

    Hello Everyone, I have a investment property in QLD listed for rent. The property has never been rented and is vacant now for more than 5 weeks :( . As the agent could not find a tenant, would it be possible to terminate the contract with the real estate agent immediately without incurring any...
  12. B

    Introduction to Black Swan RE

    Here we go, to step where Angels fear to tread and to swim through unknown waters. Putting ourselves out there as an Agent on a forum where clearly some people just love to hate Agents and PM's alike. That's OK, we actually don't blame people, when you get burnt you tend to not want to go any...
  13. Alex P Keaton

    I'm interviewing 2 pms. What to show them?

    Hi I'm hoping someone can help I have 2 PM's that I'm interviewing & I'm just not sure what paperwork I should be showing them or if I should be showing them anything at all on their first visit. I didn't want to appear like a total newbie as it might impact on getting a good deal with them...
  14. Shaggy

    Recommended PM ACT

    I am in need of a good PM in the ACT. So far I've been quoted in the 8-10% mark. I realise rates have gone up since the last time I looked (6-7% then) but I want to be sure I am getting my money's worth and I dont want to pay more than I have to. Also, of course, I'd like a good PM so if...
  15. S

    Terminanting Lease before due date

    Hi everyone, Been reading this Forum for the last 6 months and it's opened my eyes to property investing, thanks so much for everyone thats helped make this happen! I'm currently 23 and saving up for my first IP but that can wait for later... At the moment I'm renting a townhouse by myself...
  16. A

    Property Management general info

    Hello, I am a beginning property investor and I have been researching property management companies as I would prefer to have someone else managing my properties. I have some questions that I would love to get feedback on from more experienced investors: Would you prefer a percentage...
  17. T

    Unlucky with Propert Managers in Cranbourne, any suggestions?

    Hi All, I have had an IP in Cranbourne for about 5 years now. I left the first real estate agent as the PM there was very slack, particularly with communication. The agency ended up letting the PM go but I had decided I was moving on. I went to another agency in Cranbourne, signed up, and...
  18. J

    Leasing IP to Mining Companies etc

    Hi All, Has anyone successfully leased their IP's directly to a mining or transport company in central or Nth Qld ?? We have a few IPs in Nth Qld.. but never seem to get the perfect lease - its always just locals. Any hints/strategies? How do the mining companies usually organise their...
  19. D

    A Real Estate Agency supporting Self Managers

    I'm interested to know if anyone is aware of real estate agencies who assist self managers through the whole process (start to finish) of managing an IP from advertising, letting and ongoing management, or any tools/software out there. I want to be open and disclose that I have just...
  20. P

    Property Management Tips For A Successful Investment Property – Part 2

    Continued from Routine Inspections Are For More Than Just The Condition Of The Property When most people speak about routine inspections the majority of the emphasis is on the condition of the property. Whilst this is an...