property manager

  1. M

    Know of an awesome Property Manager in Guildford Parramatta Merrylands SW Sydney?

    Can anyone recommend a gun Property Manager for the Guildford, Parramatta, Merrylands, Granville area in SW Sydney? I've been putting up with less than motivated property manager whom is incredibly unresponsive and has no drive to complete maintenance activities. The tenant could hand in notice...
  2. B

    PM Outer North Melbourne

    Any recommendation for PM around outer north Melbourne suburbs...roxburgh park,meadow heights,glenroy,coolaroo ?
  3. T

    Recommendation for Property Manager near Wandi/Banjup/Oakford WA (or SOR Perth)

    My wife and I are looking for a property manager who is familiar with 5-10 acre properties in the Wandi/Oakford/Banjup area. We would prefer to use a smaller company (Mum & Pop shop would be ideal), not one of the larger ones who suffer staff turnover. If anyone has any recommendations, we'd...
  4. G

    Agent in Brisbane

    Hey guys, has anyone had any experience with real estate agents or property managers in the Brisbane area (Moorooka) we have been with a couple and they have been very disappointing and seem overpriced compared to Melbourne but maybe around the 8-9% is standard up there? Could anyone reccomend...
  5. Adrian Cahill

    Suggestion on what to do when the PM really messes up, repeatedly

    Hi there, thanks for you time and care. Although it seems obvious Suggestion on what to do when the PM really messes up, repeatedly? Yes we can leave them, however the property is in Darwin and we have heard most PM's up there are.... The old tenant moved out, a new tenant was...
  6. tempura

    Termination of Notice ... can someone please explain?

    Very noob in this sort of situation. I'm the landlord and I just signed up an Exclusive Management Agency Agreement Residential (Short Version) REINSW. In the Agreement section point #2 ... The Agreement shall commence on the blah and may be terminated by either party giving not less than...
  7. Alex P Keaton

    I'm interviewing 2 pms. What to show them?

    Hi I'm hoping someone can help I have 2 PM's that I'm interviewing & I'm just not sure what paperwork I should be showing them or if I should be showing them anything at all on their first visit. I didn't want to appear like a total newbie as it might impact on getting a good deal with them...
  8. E

    Oak Flats Property Manager

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone can recommend a quality property manager who covers the suburb of Oak Flats 2529 (south of Wollongong)? I'm about to settle on a property there which will be rented out. Thanks in advance! Eug.
  9. T

    Unlucky with Propert Managers in Cranbourne, any suggestions?

    Hi All, I have had an IP in Cranbourne for about 5 years now. I left the first real estate agent as the PM there was very slack, particularly with communication. The agency ended up letting the PM go but I had decided I was moving on. I went to another agency in Cranbourne, signed up, and...
  10. S

    Using 2 Property Managers at th same time?

    I got a investment property 6 weeks ago. It is a 3 bedroom house, brand new. The real estate agent that sold the property offered a very good rate (5.5%) to manage my property. However after 6 weeks of advertising, I am still not getting any tenants. Some issues with this property manager...
  11. S

    PM needed in Penrith

    I am looking to change my PM and would appreciate your recommendations. My current PM is absolutely useless. I have used them for 5 years. They are fine with collecting rent and depositing payments. But are not responsive when there are issues. They get ridiculous quotes for repairs and when...
  12. S

    New Property Manager Frankston, Seaford, Carrum Downs, Mentone & More!

    Hi all, I have recently started with a new portfolio at an independent agency in Carrum Downs - Munn Partners Real Estate. If you aren't happy with your current Property Manager please get in touch. I know how to manage a property well, I am on time with routine inspections, quick to act...
  13. J

    Most important Property Management Criteria

    I thought i would open a poll to see what all you property investors consider the most important criteria (and why) when selecting a property management agency: - Fees - Locality - Personality of PM - Personal referral - Specialist PM Agency - Agency name recognition - Other? Thanks
  14. O

    Property Manager terminating fee

    We terminated a property management agreement with our PM because we were not happy with her service. This was due to different reasons why we no longer wanted to use her and we would manage the property ourselves from now on. She had a 90 day termination clause in the agreement so she...
  15. J

    Atlanta GA

    Hi Anyone who has invested in single family house in Atlanta? Interested to hear from people regarding how long it has taken to secure tenants, rent achieved and in which neighbourhoods. PM me if you prefer. thanks Jo
  16. M

    PM required Slacks Creek / Logan Central

    Hi There Having a wonderful time with PM - all kinds of issues, the last straw was the total lack of interest in getting a replacement tennant despite getting 4 weeks notice from the incumbent. Can anyone recommend a good PM? We have 3 IP in Woodridge & Slacks Creek area, and live in...
  17. P

    Property Mgr - Carlton/Brunswick, Melbourne

    hello Can anyone recommend a property management agency in Carlton or Brunswick area in Melbourne. I am not happy with the level of service being offered by current managers thanks
  18. J

    Property Manager for Coorparoo Brisbane

    We are expanding our business at our Coorparoo office and are looking for a new property manager. Can anyone recommend a PM in the local area & is great that we can go and approach
  19. W

    Pluumber took taps, electrician cut timber bench top

    Who is responsible? Could anyone provide information about responsibility for the following two situations that occurred during the management of my residential property. 1. A plumber was called regarding the kitchen sink taps, which were reported as ‘old jamming and would not turn off’...
  20. awsydney

    Recommendation for property manager in Erskineville

    Hi, Apart from the local agents, can anyone recommend a good property manager for my new apartment in Erskineville Sydney?