property managers

  1. I

    Property manager - Port Macquarie

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a good property manager in Port Macquarie? Thanks, Indi
  2. C

    Can you recommend a good property manager in Kewdale?

    I'm in the closing stages of building a 3 x 2 in Kewdale, WA which will be ready for tenancy in a few weeks. Can you recommend a good property manager. By "good" I mean: Actually vets potential tenants actually inspects the property when they say they do, no drive by inspections collects...
  3. C

    Can I go to Tribunal instead of PM?

    My tenant is behind in rent and looks like she is going to move out so there's a date set at the Tribunal for 13 August. To avoid the fees involved with the PM going to the Tribunal, can I go instead? I actually work in the same building and could just nick up there during work time. I'm...
  4. C

    If tenants behind in the rent does the PM still pay me?

    This is probably wishful thinking on my part... My tenant is currently behind in the rent and have been issued a notice by the PM and the PM has advised me they will be catching up shortly (although it has now been about 3 days and still nothing). I am due to be paid by the PM today for rent...
  5. Gockie

    Should I furnish/partly furnished my 2 br unit?

    Hi everybody, I have a 2 br unit in West Ryde coming up for rent early May. Because the bedrooms are roughly equal size and not too wide but the unit is extremely convenient, ever since I've owned the place I've always seemed to have attracted tenants where the tenants have been two single guys...
  6. C

    When to organise PM?

    My partner and I just bought our first IP and it will be settled in the first week of February. It's currently tenanted but we have asked for vacant possession so we would obviously like it to be rented ASAP after setllement (give or take a day or two for claning/minor repairs etc). When...
  7. A

    Good property managers in Canberra?

    Need some urgent help, please! Does any one know a good property manager (s) in Canberra; preferably in the inner south (Griffith)? Not very happy with our current property mgt agency: no tenant for over 2 months despite many price reductions; no up-to-date or follow-up reports; garden left...
  8. Tiggy

    Property managers entitled to sales commission?

    We want to sell our IP and intend to give the current tenants first option to buy. If the tenants did want to buy it are we under any obligation to pay the property managers any sales commission? They won't have anything to do with the actual sale but could argue they were the ones who found...
  9. J

    Property Management Feedback from Owners/Investors

    Hi, In the constant quest to better our service we would like to find out exactly what property owners issues are with property managers on the whole, and what improvements they would like to see from them? Tell us about your experiences. Thank you