1. lvrage

    RP Data rip-off

    An RP data staff member admitted to me on Monday that they have been debiting extra funds from existing customers for a new service without client's consent. If you do not request them to stop this they think it is ok to keep taking from you, please check your bills and see if they are...
  2. Kent Cliffe

    Perth Home Buyer and Property Investor Show - This weekend!

    Hi All, I know everyone on here loves freebies and as Damian is one of the main key note speakers at the event we have been given access to some limited free tickets. Here are details on the show: Seminar topics will include: ◦How to research...
  3. Kent Cliffe

    My Search Software - Target out of area agents

    Hi All, This has nothing to do with Momentum Wealth as I've been interested in property before I started with them. This project has been done 100% by me. A little project of mine was to target out of area agents to put offers on properties. The reason for this includes: 1) They didn't...
  4. Steve Basin

    Searching for property - look at ALL real estate prortals

    To all property buyers and investors. I don't usually promote my articles, but since this is a property investors forum, with like minded property investors, I think it may benefit alot of property investors/buyers. I have just recently finished researching all real estate portals in...
  5. jsoe

    off-the-plan purchase mystery

    My partner and I have been looking for a reasonable off-the-plan units around Sydney, but have been blown away by how expensive they are! I'm talking 45% more expensive than existing well-kept units. Ok, as a buyer, the point of buying off-the-plan is to buy a brand new unit at today's price...
  6. S

    20th Oct Canberra Property Meetings

    Hi Guys, The last Canberra Property Meeting is on the 20th October 2010 same place & time. We will be hearing from two local ladies- Alexandra Scott on Property Management & Kylie Penden manager of ANZ Mobile Lending. We don't sell properties, it's all about information for the...
  7. R

    property books for sale

    hi, i have some books for sale - all are in excellent condition $10 each plus postage (or pick up from Adelaide cbd in my lunch break) * Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki * Cashflow Quadrant - Robert Kiyosaki * Anita Bell - your money starting out and starting over * sam vannutini -...
  8. S

    15th Sept - Canberra Property Meeting

    Every 3rd Wednesday in the month 15th September 2010 Canberra Property Network Meeting This month's line up is...... Martyn O'Connor CEO & Owner of the Parkhill Financial Group + Licensed Financial Adviser. Wealth Creation Through Commercial Property Commercial Property is a...
  9. A

    New vs old property

    Which do you think is a better option and why? 1) A fairly new unit, located very close to the train station but on an extremely busy 6-lane road. The area has only one small supermarket and very few amenities. Price is below the median price for the suburb. 2) An old unit (over 25-30 years)...
  10. S

    18th August Canberra Property Network Meeting

    Wednesday 18th August 2010 Another great month lined up for Canberra Property Network Meetings, mark it down for the 3rd Wednesday in the month! Paul Cussen Director GREENLiGHT Property + Finance Licensed Real Estate Buyers Agent and Mortgage Broker GREENLiGHT P+F specialises...
  11. S

    Canberra 16th June Property Network Meeting

    Hi guys. This month we have 3 experts lined up to tell you about their strategy in building wealth from property. We were lucky to have them attending the meeting for us this month as they will be speaking at the Capital Wealth Conference in more detail so here is your chance to ask one...
  12. S

    Canberra 21st April Property Network Meeting

    Wednesday 21st April Canberra Property Network Meeting It's on again with such a great response last month very exciting! Everybody is welcome!! The line up for April is..... Simon Bismire - "The Next Big Thing in Property" He is an investment property consultant, has been investing for...
  13. L

    Upgrading house

    Hello, I am new to Somersoft. I am thrilled to find this forum. It has already provided me with so much invaluable information. Anyway, here is my situation... My husband and I are currently renovating a house in Melbourne. It is a three bedroom, single-storey Californian bungalow. It is...
  14. 1

    Hervey Bay - PM Recommendations?

    Hi, We're remote landlords with an IP in Hervey Bay. Looking for a new PM. Any recommendations from the Forum? Thanks, 1putt
  15. B

    BIG Brisbane Meeting / Sept 29th / Investing in the USA

    Property investing in the USA - How to Hello everyone! This month at BIG we're discussing investing in USA property and have two presenters, Geoff Webster and Tracey Bryan to share their experiences with us. They will be discussing the pros and cons, areas of interest, financing, cash flow...
  16. S

    Equity towards an IP

    Hi everyone, I'm sure this subject has been dealt with over and over, but my topic has more than one aspect to it. Let me first describe my situation. In January of this year, I bought my first home for $415,000 and borrowed 80% of that from NAB, while having a deposit of $83,000...
  17. Q

    Invitation for Perth Investors

    Gday, Your invited to a Sun Downer this Friday 31st, to help us celebrate the opening of our new Investors Edge Real Estate office in Kenwick. Come along and talk property with other like minded investors, meet the new team and have some food and a drink or two on us. For full details...
  18. B

    BIG Brisbane Meeting / Jul 28th / Subdivisions

    Better Investing Group Meeting 28th July, 2009 Guest Speakers Robert Righton Vu Nguyen Hello everyone! This month's speakers at BIG are Robert Righton manager and co-owner of Subdivision Compliance Services who will be discussing subdivisions but also handles all aspects of a...
  19. J

    Real Estate Links and Property Investor Resources

    We have compiled a list of useful real estate and property investment resources. See below Just Rent Sydney Real Estate Property Links Any other links that people can suggest to add?
  20. B

    BIG Brisbane Meeting / Feb 24th / Joint Ventures and Syndications

    Better Investing Group Meeting 24th February, 2009 Guest Speakers Jonathan Vuong Chris Vitale Hello everyone! This month we have two speakers who have experience with buying investments with other parties and entities. There are many different structures and ways to invest as a...