1. S

    Zillmere <350K

    Hi Guys, I am a newbie, been following this forum for a long time, thanks for all the knowledge all you guys been given. Currently, thinking about getting an IP near Brisbane area, budget around low 300, can stretch to 350 if needed. looking for both balanced CF (slightly -ve CF is...
  2. I

    Mackay- latest real estate insight

    If you are still sitting on the fence about Mackay, the following links will give you a better insight. Longer term holds, would be the best option,as future growth is not going to stop anytime soon. The property market has seen a slight correction,due to the slowing resources sector, but...
  3. Richard Feynman

    $350k. Within 10km of Brisbane CBD. Suggestions? (First IP)

    I'm looking for suggestions of areas within 10km of the Brisbane CBD to consider for my first IP purchase. Strategy: Buy and hold property with good CG prospects Budget: $350k (can stretch a bit further if necessary) More: - I can prop up a negatively geared IP to the tune of $5k a...
  4. J

    Quick Vegetation Clearing Question

    Anyone had any experience clearing Remnant Vegetation to put in house blocks? How hard is it? Dealing with Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) and any other associated departments? Experiences good or bad to share? Specifically any in Moreton Bay Regional Council?
  5. R

    NRAS property in Churwar, Ipswitch, Qld

    Hi All, Has any body hear about NRAS properties in Churwar, Ipswitch, Qld. We were told by the agent that this is a good suburb in Ipswtich. However, the NRAS properties cash flow is not positive. This is because: 1. PM fee is 11% over the Market Rent + the $12.83 compliant fee weekly...
  6. A

    High Council Rates in QLD?

    I am from Melb and bought my first IP in Logan area (Marsden) in QLD. Didn't take much of notice of high council rates in the area before I bought and now realised high council rates is eating up my cash flow:mad:. I pay $637 per quarter. This is quite high when you compare with Victoria. This...
  7. 1

    Hervey Bay - PM Recommendations?

    Hi, We're remote landlords with an IP in Hervey Bay. Looking for a new PM. Any recommendations from the Forum? Thanks, 1putt
  8. G

    Renting in Logan

    I have a 2 bedroom unit in Logan that I will be renting out in December. Does anyone have any recommendations of an agent in the area and advice on what sort of fees I should be paying??
  9. kitchen original wall

    kitchen original wall

    looking at the wall that was removed to open up the living area
  10. kitchen during works

    kitchen during works

    kitchen after removing wall
  11. bedroom 2 completed

    bedroom 2 completed

    sliding door installed
  12. bedroom 3 during works

    bedroom 3 during works

    removing old window to place a sliding door
  13. bedroom 2 before

    bedroom 2 before

    original window in 2'nd bedroom
  14. kitchen/living area completed

    kitchen/living area completed

    kitchen after, we knocked out a wall that was near the now new island bench
  15. kitchen before

    kitchen before

    kitchen before
  16. Home Hill

    Home Hill

    Nice little bargain that got away due to lack of LMI in this area!