1. see_change

    RBA ? Mortgages to be affordable with 4 % rise

    Tried to find a link for this but couldn't . On ABC 24 this morning , there was a headline about the RBA putting in a restriction on mortgages only being given if people can prove they can afford a 4 % increase in interst rises . My understanding was that was being raised for discussion ...
  2. J

    Petition - Empower our government and ACCC to enforce RBA policy

    Sign this petition, and lets stand united in a show of strength against our banks greed and bully boy tactics. Lets lobby our regulatory body, the ACCC, and our appointed federal politicions to not merely verbally pressure our banks - but to have the legislative firepower to actually enforce...
  3. digs75

    RBA and Interest Rates

    Would like to know from readers your take on where you think interest rates will go down or stay the same for the remainder of the year ? Do you think a .25% decrease (if that occurs) would entice households to start spending more or not have any bearing on consumer spending. Seems like...