1. Knockdown rebuild

    Knockdown rebuild

  2. Knockdown rebuild

    Knockdown rebuild

  3. Continued knockdown rebuild of dual occ

    Continued knockdown rebuild of dual occ

    Watch the transformation from house, to land to dual occ
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    Rebuild IP, live there and rent out current house

    I'm a bit naive when it comes to finance/tax matters so I thought I'd run this past more knowledgeable people for any comments. Soon will be retrenched. I'm around 60. Good payout and already fair amount in Industry super fund. Will have a (taxed) pension, so will have a strong cash flow...
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    Mining Subsidence, rebuild Central Coast

    Hi everyone I'm just about to buy a very old house on the Central Coast. It is in a Mine subsidence district (Swansea-The Entrance) I was just wondering how many problems I will have when we come to rebuild. Plans will have to be cleared by the Mine Subsidence Board as well as by council. We...