1. Alex P Keaton

    Real Estate Recommendations

    Can you please pm me real estate agents you have been happy with or post it here. I'll be interviewing soon. Thanks! :)
  2. B

    Introduction to Black Swan RE

    Here we go, to step where Angels fear to tread and to swim through unknown waters. Putting ourselves out there as an Agent on a forum where clearly some people just love to hate Agents and PM's alike. That's OK, we actually don't blame people, when you get burnt you tend to not want to go any...
  3. P

    Someone to get rid of ivy - Perth

    I'm looking for someone to pull a whole heap of ivy out of my PPOR garden in Highgate Perth, chop the trunks and then put some sort of treatment on them so they don't grow any new shoots. Not too fussed if the roots stay in the ground as long as the plant is good and dead. Any recommendations?
  4. Shaggy

    Recommended PM ACT

    I am in need of a good PM in the ACT. So far I've been quoted in the 8-10% mark. I realise rates have gone up since the last time I looked (6-7% then) but I want to be sure I am getting my money's worth and I dont want to pay more than I have to. Also, of course, I'd like a good PM so if...
  5. M

    Recommended tradie list (VIC only)

    Can someone make this a sticky? Hi guys, Since I have a bit of extra these days with me being unemployed, I thought I'll start contributing more to the Somersoft. I know we have previously a compiled list but not state specific and I had to sieve through the whole thread to maybe find what I...
  6. P

    PM recommendation NORTHCOTE

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and have found a lot of very helpful information. I've really been stuffed around by my current PM and am now convinced I need to change(largely thanks to the postings on this site:).Can anyone please recommend a reliable PM in the Northcote area? My IP is currently...