1. M

    Redcliffe train line

    I'm looking at a couple of properties in the Redcliffe area for my first IP and am wondering what people's opnions are on the affect on property prices around where the train line is. I've found a property around 2.1km from the kippa ring station in Redcliffe, is that close enough to have an...
  2. D

    Investment outdoor spa

    Hi all, I have just purchased a investment house in Margate QLD, what are your thoughts on leaving an existing certified outdoor spa on the property for a rental. I will be getting it serviced seasonally with me covering callout cost and tenant covering chemical costs, apparently this is a...
  3. aaarghhh

    WTD: Townplanner Northside Brisbane

    Hello I'm looking for a town planner and would appreciate any suggestions that other members have used for the Northside of Brisbane - Pine Rivers, Caboolture, Redliffe areas. Has anyone used this mob before Town Plan Assist at Kippa Ring?