1. A

    Not happy with refinanced home loan results

    Dear Friends, I have been reading stuff in this forum for three years and still learning. I got our home loan refinanced this month with a major bank, but not satisfied with the results. I now present our case below and welcome your comments. Home loan #1 In 2009, purchased a house (our main...
  2. P

    Loan contamination?

    I would appreciate some advice with my refinance. The purpose of the refinance was to release equity from my PPOR for an investment property. I have a bad feeling that the wrong accounts were used to during settlement which would lead to issues to with tax deductibility. I am waiting to hear...
  3. U

    Discharge and refinance cost?

    I'm trying to figure out the threshold amount of interest/fees savings in order to make it worthwhile to move lenders (refi). Say I have a $250k loan PPOR no LMI 80% LVR (plain vanilla type of loan), and want to refinance, how much interest and fee savings would it take for it to be worthwhile...
  4. J

    Some points to consider when you refinance

    this is useful if you are looking to refinance: [self promotion URL deleted] I just put my info into the app and I'll save around $50,000 from the way I want to refinance :)
  5. S

    Refinancing an investment loan (LMI Deduction)

    I buy an investment property(IP1) today and borrow 80% LVR to purchase it, 6-8 months later(or maybe even 1-2 years later ? time really does not have any bearing here) I decide to refinance the loan to 90% LVR ? (with the same bank) ? but use the extra 10% as deposit for a subsequent investment...
  6. angel0death

    Refinancing a discounted property

    Hi all. I've found this ground floor apartment which has a very awkward floor plan. It's been 2 years and no one has bought it. If I manage to buy it at a discounted price, how will the bank value it? So, this place is about $430k. If for some miracle, I manage to buy the place for $300k, and...
  7. N

    Refinance Invest Property & LVR?

    I bought an investment property about 8 years ago for $100,000 with 20% down. I refinanced recently so I could pull out equity to purchase additional properties. The property is valued at $300,000 & the bank said they can loan up to 80% of the value ($240,000). I did the refinance expecting to...